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P.O. Box 117
Galesville, MD 20765


Chesapeake Environmental Protection Association

Contact Us at 443-424-8105

Use the above phone number to reach any of our Trustees.

When you call this number it may be answered by a person, who will take your message and direct it to the appropriate Trustee.

If it is a recording, leave your message for a Trustee as well as your name and number and someone will respond to you in a short while.

Board of Trustees

Albert Tucker;
Bill Klepczynski;
Lloyd Lewis;
Jeff Short

Gary Antonides;
Leon Greenbaum;
Irene Hantman;
Jerry Hill;
Anson Hines;
Sally Hornor;
Bill Klepczynski;
Lloyd Lewis;
Mike Lofton;
Jeff Short;
Al Tucker;
Joan Turek;
Bill Vosburgh

Photo of Sandy Point lighthouse on the Chesapeake with seagulls taking flight in the foreground.

Photo of Thomas Point lighthouse at the mouth of the South River.

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