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2016 CEPA Forum "The Unsustainable Spiral Of Growth" (Proceedings)

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Chesapeake Environmental Protection Association

Latest Newsletter is the Winter 2017-18 Newsletter -- look to the left for a link

The 2018 Davidsonville Green Expo will be on March 24 -- look at the bottom of page for a link

Dedicated to a Cleaner Bay Since 1970

blueheron The Chesapeake Environmental Protection Association (CEPA) works to restore the Chesapeake Bay by affecting environmental policy and action.

CEPA provides education on Bay issues and encourages public activism and involvement in both legislation and enforcement.

Our goal is sustainable growth in the region — a future where our precious natural resources are in balance with their use.

Areas of Concern

The limits of the Chesapeake Bay's resources have already been breached by the impact of human activities that affect the watersheds. Unrestricted commercial and residential growth, fueled by permissive zoning, leads to more infrastructure for water supply, sewerage treatment, landfills, roads, county maintenance facilities, schools, and so on. All of these activities impact the Chesapeake Bay.

Citizen activists, like CEPA members, have an urgent role to play in restoring the Bay to health. Specific issues that CEPA's members are focusing on include:

  • Over nutrification from agri-business (fertilizer, manure, animal byproducts, etc.)
  • Point source pollution and nutrification from sewage treatment plants and industrial and municipal facilities
  • Silt and biological and chemical pollution from runoff
  • Marine life sustainability issues including disease, invasive/alien species, and over harvesting
  • Ground water resources (purity, depletion, and recharge)
  • Shoreline erosion

Join Us

If you would like to support CEPA’s efforts in restoring the Bay, please join CEPA. Your donation will help us continue and expand our efforts to educate the public and affect environmental policy. Members receive our newsletters and can vote for CEPA’s Trustees. (The Trustees elect our officers.) Our fourteen Trustees are often chosen from CEPA members. Trustees meet each month.


Davidsonville Green Expo

CEPA will have a booth at the Davidsonville Green Expo. Please come visit it on March 24 (Saturday) between 10am and 2pm. Details on the Davidsonville Green Expo can be found by clicking here.


Board of Trustees


Albert Tucker
Rich Romer
Lloyd Lewis
Gary Antonides



Richard Dunn
Leon Greenbaum
Irene Hantman
Jerry Hill
Anson Hines
Sally Hornor
Bill Klepczynski
Mike Lofton
Jeff Short
Joan Turek


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